Are you looking to personalize the needs of your product or service? Every industry has specific needs that commercial off-the-shelf software(COTS) cannot achieve. Thus, you should opt for software that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your business. 

So what is custom software development? This is the process of designing, utilizing, and maintaining software applications that are unique to a business. They are different from COTS since they meet specific problems and target audiences. 

Some of the industries which can greatly benefit from this approach are Fintech, healthcare, real estate, online banking, and entertainment. This approach is also referred to as bespoke software development. 

Reasons You Should Implement Custom Software Development For Your Business

Any business whether big or small can opt for custom software development as long as they have unique needs. Also, if you have the time and the budget, you can implement it. There are several reasons for using the bespoke software approach for your business, here is a look at some of them.

1. Fits To Meet Unique Requirements Of A Business

When you choose the COTS approach it might not cater to the needs of your business. This is because it might not be built with the goals and objectives of your company in mind. However, with custom software development, you can tailor it to meet the unique problems and requirements for your business and the target audience. This will allow your business to grow and increase productivity. 

For instance, a hospital can opt for this approach. Because each hospital is different with a variety of needs. They can design unique software that meets the needs such as having access to patient records. In turn, patients can keep in touch with their doctors and follow-ups.

2. Lower Costs

When you are working with COTS it can be cheaper at the initial stages. But with time it becomes a bit expensive. This is because you will have to upgrade the software so that it can meet specific needs. However, if you are looking to integrate the software with the existing applications then custom software development is the way to go. You can tailor-make it to adapt to the needs of your business.

In the long run, it will be cheaper to operate it. 

For instance, online banking can have made-to-order software that can integrate with the apps. The platform will use real-time data to engage with users.

3. Creates More Features To Increase Functionality

If you are new to the market then off-shelf solutions will work for you. But, as your business grows, you will accrue more needs & requirements. This will lead you to solutions that are specifically configured for your business. Custom software development allows you to broaden & create features that you can implement. Also, it will save you time since you can solve your problems on the go. 

For instance, a hotel can monitor the time spent when an employee engages with a customer. 

4. Automating Manual Business Operations 

Manual operations get tedious as the business expands. Also, you are more prone to errors and this can negatively affect production. Therefore, automating manual operations will not only increase production but lead to accuracy and efficiency and in the long run satisfy customers. 

In the healthcare industry, custom software development can take care of recurrent manual operations such as sending emails to employees and patients. This will save time and cost.

5. Reduces Cyberattacks

The advent of technology has also led to an increase in cyber-attacks and crimes. Off-shelf, solutions are more prone to hacking since they use a general code. However, by opting for customized solutions, you can limit the risk of cyber-attacks. Also, you will secure and protect your data. 

The Fintech industry can hugely benefit from this since it is highly susceptible. For instance, a bank can customize its platform for fraud management. Also, it can optimize transactions for each user.

6. Getting Optimum Support

Custom Software development providers offer support whenever you face any problems. Also, when you need to upgrade, they configure the features specifically for your business. Owing to such benefits, you are prone to increase productivity. 

WebaniX – An Expert Custom Software Development Provider 

WebaniX is a professional custom software development provider. We apply the industry’s best practices to deliver strong, secure & scalable software development services. 

Our tech-obsessed professionals ensure your company receives exactly what is required using the most advanced technology available today. This includes artificial intelligence, AR/VR, machine learning & blockchain. 

So far we’ve delivered dozens of custom software development solutions which include logistics management software, construction management software, hospital management software, pharmacy management software, task management software, hotel room booking software, restaurant management software.

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