Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Running a brand in the golden age of digital marketing is challenging. With the advances happening in technologies, you need to recognize the value of integrating stronger marketing strategies and digital practices in business operations. This would require you to understand the field at a deeper level. Understand the do’s and don’ts of online marketing. Understand what fits right for the brand and what doesn’t, before you decide to indulge in online marketing.

Digital marketing is a wide spectrum that covers multiple aspects under its umbrella. When you think you have entered the right door, which you definitely have, there are pretty good chances that you might get stuck at the door. Well, don’t worry! We are here to give you a push and take you to the other side of the door. We are here to reveal the most ignorant “Do’s” and most indecently used “Don’ts”. Let’s dig into them.

DO: Focus on Enhancing Customer Experience

We do not doubt the saying “the customer is the king” and we know how apt it in this digital era. In order to get digital success, knowing who your target audiences are, is extremely important. A clear understanding of your customer’s choices and interests will help you improvise your marketing campaigns and thus, will help in serving customers in a better way. Its when you realize your target audience and focus on providing them with the best digital experience is when you hit the ball in the right court.

DON’T: Ignore Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are buzzing in everybody’s pockets. People are chucking bulky computers and laptops, and shifting towards using “palm-friendly” mobile phones for their daily internet activities. A savage growth can be seen in the usage of mobiles, worldwide. Statistics revealed by the global digital report by We Are Social show that there are 3.9 Billion active mobile internet users in the world. Growth in the usage of mobile internet users is fueling in the India as well. As per a digital report by The Media Lab, mobile internet users in the India by this year counts for 91% out of the total population.

Now with such a massive acceleration, ignoring mobile optimization and shunning mobile phone users would be a bad idea. With a vision to grow business digitally, you must make sure that your content and visuals, your image, video, and text formats are mobile-friendly. Make sure your website is compatible with smartphones and tablet screens. Make sure your marketing campaigns and tactics are created keeping mobile internet users in mind. If developing an app can be a great shot for your brand, build it. Make things easier and accessible for your mobile-using audience.

DO: Personalized Marketing

Today in this booming digital era, merely promoting your brand will not get you anywhere. You need to invest yourself and your brand strategies in connecting with your target audience. Customers today, will consider a brand only if he or she feels a connection with the brand. Here, having integration of personalization in marketing and promotional campaigns will do the right thing for you.

Personalization can be achieved through creating content that aims to enhance personal interactions. It can be achieved by involving yourself in chatting and building a relationship with your customers, maybe via chat-bots or responding to customers on social media platforms. While doing promotional emails, addressing customers with names, creating content and visuals which are interesting and interactive.

The success of personalized marketing relies on how well you have understood your customer’s needs and likings. It requires you to go the extra mile to gather the correct information about your customers and using it in constructing marketing campaigns that will buzz straight-up in the minds of your target audience.

DON’T: Forget SEO Updates

Search Engine Optimization is the cornerstone of digital marketing. With the use of the right SEO tactics, you can mount-up in the search ranking line. In order to increase your website visibility and create more traffic on your brand portal, you need to indulge in hardcore SEO marketing.

Not just doing SEO marketing. To run parallel with the changing trends and algorithms, you need to be updated with the SEO upgradations and update your SEO strategies from time-to-time. Brushing up your SEO marketing plan of action will help you excel at the digital competition.

DO: Create a Blog Section to Increase Customer Interaction

Blogging is trending. We believe that as much as you are interested in knowing about your customers, it is equally important for them to know about your brand and current trends. Therefore, companies must have a section dedicated completely to posting blogs and the latest news.

Blogging is an amazing way to create brand awareness. By doing consistent blogging, you can enlighten your audience about your products and services and can provide them with the industry insights. Blogging can help boost traffic on your website and do inbound and outbound marketing. It is a great medium to build connectivity with your customers. So, do create your company blog section.

DON’T: Underestimate the Power of Visual Communication

A visual language is an impactful form of communication. It is an artistic way to convey your brand message to the people. Whether it’s social media platforms or websites, visual communication is needed everywhere. Therefore, without underestimating the power of infographics and visuals, you should have a perfect mix of text, images, infographics, videos, illustrations and memes in your digital strategies. If you want to reach your target audience faster and excel at attracting them towards your brand, you need to get a strong grip at visual communications.

DO: Construct a User-Friendly Website

Your website is the biggest ambassador of your brand. Marketing efforts you do on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, everywhere, the final destination is the brand’s website. Therefore, not creating a website is no longer an option.

Since, all the attention goes to the website, needless to say, how important it is to create a user-friendly website. Having an aim to enhance the user experience, you should make sure that your website is attractive, has original content, along with a balance of images, info-graphics, and videos. You must follow the ‘3-sec rule’. It says that having a high-tech and an eye-popping website is good, but if it does not open and gives you useful information in 3 seconds, then good chances that you will lose a potential customer. So, make sure it has all the information useful for your customers.

It is not enough to just build a website and make it live. It is very important to keep an eye on the latest trends and timely updating your website is also important. Go on, make your brand’s website. But, make it good before you make it live!

DON’T: Overshare or Overdo Marketing

Sharing is good, but don’t share too much, too fast. Don’t send too many emails, don’t share too many social media posts. Go professional and play

n out postings. Schedule your email so they do not look like spam and are sent to the trash. Keep this tip, overdoing or undergoing marketing is a big NO! Posting content hyper-actively will make your audience lose their interests. You might lose your genuine followers. Take assistance from a digital marketing agency and strike the right balance.

DO: Frequent Testing and Tracking

You can’t just wing things when it comes to digital marketing. Constructing a marketing strategy and running ad campaigns is not the end of the process. Doing testing, and tracking the performance and progress is equally important.

You can make use of Google Analytics to track the progress of your digital campaigns and to monitor the health of your website. There are various tools that you can consider to check ROI on your marketing efforts. This way, analyzing and taking corrective measures can improve your digital performance.

DON’T: Rely Only on Social Media Platforms

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You must have heard this idiom. We all know how social media marketing can do wonders for your business. Marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etcetera can create humongous reach and lead to greater brand awareness. But depending only on marketing via social media platforms will not be enough. There are companies where LinkedIn works the best, but then there are companies where Linkedin might not prove to be the right platform. Not every digital outlet works for everybody. So, don’t rely just on social media platforms. Choose your platform strategically. Find your suitable marketing channels and drive your way towards them.

DO: Invest in Internet Marketing Tool

Technological innovations are happening every day. New marketing tools and tactics are coming-in every day. You cannot lag behind in this competitive world. So stay updated with the latest marketing technology. Get knowledge of what resources or tools are available, which can be beneficial for your brand. There are multiple marketing tools available, such as Keyword Analysis Tool, Content Creation Tool, Link Management Tools, Paid Advertising Report and Analysis Tool, Web Analytics Reporting Tool, Survey Tools and many more. Invest in the right resource, train your team, implement it and then see how you go up on the ladder of digital success.

DON’T: Mind Taking Professional Assistance

Digital marketing is a vast field. In order to understand all its aspects and execute things the right way, might require a helping hand. So instead of acting alone, you can seek help from digital experts or you can reach out to a digital marketing agency.

Having expertise in the field, digital marketing companies can lend you infinite advantages in terms of increasing your online presence, boosting lead and revenue generation. Having an upper hand on a lot of marketing tactics, they can help you in creating a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. With assistance from online marketing agencies, you can get on the right track, digitally.

Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

The bottom line here is, a successful marketing campaign requires a solid marketing strategy and practices behind it. If you think your digital presence has been flagging for reasons unknown to you, then there must be something wrong with your digital strategies or you must have adopted some inappropriate digital practices.

Our dos and don’ts list will prove to be highly useful for your business. We will soon be coming up with detailed blogs on all the listed points. Till then, keep up with these digital marketing dos and don’ts and don’t forget to take assistance from a professional digital marketing company to get the best of digital marketing.