Breathing a new life into the craft of hand-wrought silver!

Silver, one of the oldest metals used for coinage since the golden epoch, symbolizes pureness and success. With an aim to imbue its purity and antiquity in every space, Chokhi Chandi was established. Backed by exceptionally ardent craftsmen who are endowed with the virtuosity of molding silver into artistic pieces, the renowned “House of Silver” is engaged in the erection of exquisite Silver Coins, Silver Artifacts, Ornaments, Dinner Sets, and many more. The inspiration for curating Silver jewelleries and household accessories is drawn from nature and Hindu deities. Made out of Pure Silver, each piece is a cultivation of vivid imagination and sheer artistry and is a mark of trust and holiness.  



Keeping in mind the significance of Silver coins and ornaments in Indian culture and the value they hold in Hindu, especially in Marwadi/Rajasthani tradition, we worked around the logo creation for Chokhi Chandi. The brand, with its aristocratic silver products, connects people with the heritage and royalty of Marwadi culture. Ergo, we designed a logo that depicts Indian mythology and implants a deeper sense of connectivity with our roots. 

Considering the initials of the company’s name ‘Chokhi Chandi’, the logo has two C’s. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is the most revered and worshipped god. The deity’s symbolic figurine has an elephant’s head with a trunk and big ears. The logo, therefore, has an image of an elephant’s trunk curved upwards, signifying power, dignity, pride, good luck, and new beginnings. 

Moreover, the trunk has Mandala Designs intricately carved on it. Mandala is a spiritual symbol of Hinduism. The circular designs indicate the continuity of life and put forth the presence of infinity in silver art creation. The inscribing of these designs brings out the ‘silver lining’ that Chokhi Chandi has no bindings when it comes to customization and forming something that is beyond the ordinary. 

Other Stuff


Branding- Visiting Card, Envelope & Letter-Head:

Keeping intact the essence of regal Marwadi heritage and art, Visiting Card, Envelope, and Letter-Head were designed. After brainstorming on which color to choose that would perfectly depict nobility, we settled at giving the base a Burgundy tone, as the hue is associated with eminence, sumptuousness, and sophistication. 

What makes the entire design stand out is the silver touch given to it. The silver color tint to visiting cards, envelope, and letter-head showcases the core craft of Chokhi Chandi. Furthermore, the font Samarkan has been chosen as it’s elegance would ideally blend with the theme and vision of the company.