A Craft House where the fun stuff happens!

“Making learning fun” is the idea behind the initiation of Paper Scissor Stone. A craft store for kids, that nests an unlimited range of engaging educational toys, hobby toys, DIY craft boxes, stationery kits, color kits, storybooks, and many other frolic goodies for your little munchkins to go all crafty and joyful. PSS believes that for kids, “craftiness is happiness” and it is also a great way to foster creativity and learning in children. A space of discoveries, it has a cradle of good quality, hand-picked products that will make your kids jump ‘out of the box’ to imagine, explore, and create art.




Logo Designing:


Paper Scissor Stone revolves around crafturious kids who want to get messy into color palettes, imagine, and paint to express themselves. Thus, our logo designing process must spin around this. So, we took a seat, hand-held a sheet and started drawing! 

Kids are attracted to bright and happy things. Therefore, the logo of PSS is given a yellow base, as the bright, shiny hue spurs a fun, merry, and positive emotion. Children adore caricatures and animated characters. Ergo, going by the brand’s name, we have sketched 3 characters- Paper, Scissors, and Stone. Adding to the kiddy vibe, the sketch font is used for the text- Paper, Scissors, Stone. Also, the fun characters and font are being inscribed in black color. 


Other Stuff


Branding- Gift Tags, Poly Bag Design, Visiting Cards, Vouchers, Mouse Pads, Stickers:

Maintaining the happy kid’s theme, we have gone about planning for the branding stationeries. From designing visiting cards to gift tags, poly bags, mouse-pads, and stickers, we’ve held tight to the amusing and lively childish tone. We have exuded yellow, black, and white colors in the merchandise. Along with that, we have doodled caricatures and fun kids’ emoticons.

Furthermore, looking at the ease of the buyers, we have included a scan feature in Visiting Cards, so that people can easily follow PSS. On Mouse Pads, to make it funkier, Paper, Scissors, Stone is written in a curved format with a star popping-out in the middle. 

PSS Gift Tags are given a circle layout. On each tag, there is a cute little heart and a blank white text space that is designed in the shape of a gift box. Moreover, we have also designed paper bags with amazing kiddish prints to carry PSS products. 


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