Of the countless emails that one receives, how do you make yours stand out? How does one nail the art of sending effective emails, the ones that bring traffic and increase the conversion rates? Ask any expert email marketing agency and they will tell you! WEBaniX is a part of the cohort. And we seem to have cracked the code. And the message.  Email marketing services, planned with a strategic approach, can instantly boost brand awareness and recognition. And to ensure that your business follows a successful email marketing strategy, it is vital to send personalized email to the right person at the right time – and at the right context. Providing them personalized value-added emails consistently ensures your brand stays in their heart and mind. In fact, 59% of brands agree that email is their biggest source of ROI. Personalized emails have helped businesses increase revenue by as much as 760%. If we consider what the majority of the consumers expect, there’s another study to justify. 73% of millennials prefer communication with businesses via email. But how exactly can an email marketing agency help you? At WEBaniX, our approach starts by diving deep into your email marketing challenges. Then we begin by creating a custom strategy and prepare a defined roadmap to reach the destination you wish. Don’t have the time and resources to roll out the campaigns? No problem! Let’s help you build from 
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email marketing isn’t just restricted to B2C communication; it’s an excellent growth tool for B2B marketing as well. Successful lead generation is a given, with a carefully composed email. From the subject line to the content, let WEBaniX’s best email marketing services take your business a notch higher. scratch until you deploy
, manage and thrive. Our tailored email marketing services focus on increasing customer engagement and lifetime value. In the world of internet marketing, email marketing works as a useful tool, since the reach is extremely wide, and it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions. Apart from this, it has the added advantage of being one of the quickest marketing hacks. Emails, being one of the most widely-used features on mobile devices, imply that accessibility is a key parameter while targeting people. The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that email marketing targets two of the main target groups:

Existing Customers

It strengthens the relationship with previous customers.

New Customers

A new lead list can be generated to attract more people.

How WebaniX frames an elaborate email marketing strategy

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Audience Research

The primary and the most important step is to identify the right target audience. The demographics are carefully studied, and the campaign is suitably formulated.

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Since content forms the essence of an email, it’s extremely important to incorporate CTA links, while keeping concept implementation as a priority.


Commercialized emails are sent to the targeted recipients, on a large scale.