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It’s a known fact that with a dynamic website, the potential of a business to achieve its targets increases proportionately. However, a digital marketing strategy often untapped by many brands lies in effectively positioning and placing it across platforms. And that’s when Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comes into the picture. It is a form of Pay per Click (PPC) advertising that promotes your content at the top of search engine results pages. Often associated with paid search advertising, it’s a comprehensive measure inclusive of search engine optimization. It comprises substantial strategic value in your overall digital marketing strategy. Even today, paid search remains amongst the highest performing ad campaigns to boost online visibility, increase conversions and return on investment.  

Consumer behavior is a critical element that is scrutinized when it comes to SEM. This factor alone helps in reaching out to the target audience and turns prospects into customers. Specific keywords are handpicked to target users when they are performing searches on a search engine. 

SEM services and social media advertising go hand in hand. They can work together to build brand awareness and thereby boost sales. Effectively, the combined approach increases revenue by cutting the acquisition costs. Through our experience as an SEM company, our efforts are directed towards the same – increasing traffic as well as ROI. 

Pay per Click (PPC), also called Cost per Click (CPC) is the most integral element related to SEM and is a productive tool to get an optimized website. The website, when equipped with the same, gains visibility on the search engine results page. SEM services render value addition to a website. PPC services provide more concrete statistics and keep a tab on visitor count. 

Growing phenomenally for its SEM services, WEBaniX helps you devise PPC as a part of your internet marketing plan to meet business growth. We set goals for what you want to achieve and strategize how to best channelize your spendings. Of course, our job continues as we keep monitoring the performance and further adjusting the strategy based on the findings. That’s the secret sauce of the best pay-per-click services. 

Here are a few facts about SEM that you can keep in mind to master the strategy:
  • One of the most essential measures is to make a site optimized for mobile phones.
  • Locally targeted ads work wonders for any business aiming to popularize itself.
  • Keyword cost varies from sector to sector- a few keywords in the insurance industry, for instance, cost more than other sectors.

How WebaniX helps in building SEM friendly websites and infuses PPC to cater to latest trends:

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Requirement & Budget

An accurate study of business targets is done, while getting an estimate of the budget.

ppc strategy

Strategy formulation & Implementation

Conversion rates are the cornerstone for planning an elaborate strategy.

sem services in udaipur


The strategies are monitored for effectiveness, and changes are accordingly made to suit business targets.