Social Media is booming in the world of digital marketing agencies to reach the target audience. Interesting research shows that a user spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on his social media account every day including messaging. More and more people are joining social media sites and using them regularly which resonants with the wave of the social media industry. At this high time pandemic situation, every business needs to leverage proper social media channels to survive. It’s not because marketing through social media sounds simple and easy but the potential customers are hanging around the network of social media sites.

Impact of social media marketing in the world

Every business is careful about the budget of marketing strategies, so it’s important for social media marketing agencies to spend the money wisely. When the budget of your Social Media Marketing Agency is bounded by other marketing trends then, it’s a prime duty for social media managers to spend the money wisely. Therefore, this type of smart marketing provides incredible benefits for reaching millions of customers worldwide. Hence, social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. come as a powerful tool that is cost-effective and versatile to reach their target audience irrespective of the business size. If you’re not making profitable resources of social media then you are missing out on fast, inexpensive, and versatile ways to grow up your business.

So, what’s missing out in your marketing strategy should be adopted by every social media marketing agency to spread the word about their business mission. Here are the benefits that Webanix provides on why social media is important for your business?

Low Cost:

Compared with traditional marketing strategies, there is no entry cost to enter the world of social media marketing. In addition, connecting to the target audience is easy especially for small businesses who want to get the online presence for their business. Targeted messages and ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin do come at a cost but cheaper as compared to traditional advertising techniques such as print media, TV, and radio advertising. The major advantage of using social media advertising is to get the Real-Time performance analysis of your ad. With offline marketing, you are unable to analyse the performance of your ad campaign but on other hand, social media advertising allows you to keep the track of how well your ad is performing. Despite a series of social media marketing exploits, business owners don’t have the time to invest in handling social media channels. For this, taking the help of a good social media marketing agency, will get you more reach, engagement, and forge ahead of your work in managing online content marketing and strategy.

Brand Awareness:-

Another advantage of online marketing through social media is helping to boost your brand awareness and recognition. Now, the question arises how? Let us consider that a new lead tries to pitch your brand on social media. If your business social media profile is active and contains engrossing content then, it will add value to your target audience and the new leads would get easily familiar with your brand. The same would apply to your current customers, that by posting compelling content on multiple networks will help to engage with your brand and increase their interest for repeat purchase.

The step-by-step tips to increase the brand awareness of your business on social media are:-

  1. Find your Target Audience
  2. Use eye-catching visuals with your content (Images and Videos)
  3. Create two-way communication on social media platforms.
  4. Measure your efforts by tracking tools.
  5. Build the trust

Every step mentioned above will influence the overall growth of your business for the long run.

Key Factor in Search Engine Ranking:-

Every social media marketer knows that there is some connection between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A perfect SEO strategy involves producing quality content that helps in generating “Inbound links” to your website.  Social Media Marketing is the primary form of the generation of content. When users share the content through social media channels, thus generating a lot of “Inbound links” to the content on your website. 

While Google has also stated that while considering the ranking of a page, “Social Signals” do consider one of the ranking factors to it. Social Signals have direct and indirect impact on Organic Search Rankings. The Direct impact is through:-

  1. Number of likes on your Facebook brand page
  2. Number of Twitter Followers
  3. Number of Facebook Shares
  4. Number of people that have in your Google+ Circles.
  5. Number of the Tweets mentioning your brand name or including your link to the website.

Nowadays, Social Signals are becoming more and more popular and a key to boost your Search Engine Rankings of your website. Hence, it is not only important to publish compelling and quality content to social media platforms but also to check your business social media profile and update as needed.

Social media sites are a unique platform for e-commerce

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the powerful and free tools that anyone has in their marketing toolbox. Similarly, in many ways, social media marketing has become a new way of word-of-mouth marketing. Like the Youtube videos allows their customers to directly make a purchase decision by their video itself. Using Facebook apps, you can directly build a sales portal to your business Facebook page. On the other hand, You can provide links to your products directly through your business social media channels and the service customers can directly purchase online. Moreover, social media also provides referrals that help the brands to get reviews from their current customers and get recommendations etc. This helps in increasing your sales by getting trust from your current customers’ recommendations.

How our Social Media Experts can help in your business?

As a leading social media marketing agency in Udaipur, we know the right tactics of marketing strategy that exactly fulfill your business needs. We are a team of highly dedicated and passionate social media experts who are highly skilled and professional in our work. If you are looking for professional Facebook Management Services, Instagram Social Media Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, or any other social media marketing, we offer the best services. We understand the clients’ needs and build valuable relationships with influential competitive players which helps in boosting your social media PR and reputation in the market.  

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