Well, one might think that social media marketing platforms are prevalent icon for the fashion or entertainment businesses and brands. But, that does not mean Facebook, twitter or any other social media platforms can’t create the foundation of the construction industries. Amidst this, it is a misconception that the construction projects leads cannot be generated from Facebook or instagram marketing. As, according to the construction marketing association, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media channels. You just have to find the right channel for your company and thrash it into success. Is it not the enlightenment to the facts? Yes, it is!

Building out the social media channels helps to add the credibility to your brand and the trust factor in your customers or potential clients. The new stats are thriving and many construction professionals are ready to engage and connect with other construction industries through social media. But, wait for a minute! Social media marketing is not just creating the profiles, rather than its research, content, engaging posts, connecting to the groups and many more things associated with social marketing plan. And with so much hustle and competition, how can your construction company stand out from the rest? Thus, it is a big question.

Are you a contractor or leading a construction company? Then, we are sure that the above questions will be running in your mind for long time. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the importance of social media marketing in the construction industry field and how you can plan for engaging your niche audience. While there is no proven formula for success, the below-mentioned ideas will indeed help in becoming a game changer.

Are Social Media Marketing Platforms Actually Drives the Results to Construction Companies?  

Whether your construction business is small or large, social media marketing is like a blessing in disguise to hit the jackpot. It is a great addition to your strategy for showcasing your projects, collaborations, services, referrals, clients reviews, testimonials and many more things. With these such regular updates on social media platforms, it will create the emergent voice of your brand and allows to reach out to your potential clients instantly. Apart from the brand awareness and reputation, it can acts as a lead machine, connects with construction domain related news and trending information and also connect with your targeted audience. Still not convinced, then these social media engagement tips will do the trick.

 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips and Ideas for Construction Companies 

1.  Don’t Stick to A Single Platform, Mix it up!

 Before we explore the social media marketing plan, it’s worth noting that you first notice who is your target audience and how you will reach them? Choosing the social media marketing platform depends upon the type of your target audience. For instance, if you want to reach out to landlords, developers, contractors and other potential customers, then your main focus of marketing should be on LinkedIn. If you have college students or working professionals, instagram marketing does wonders. For building your brand reputation, you can think out of box and registering yourself at Houzz, Design Cafe or any other such organizations.

2.  Maximize the Visual Nature  

The KPI of social media strategy seems from last years are the posting of tons of images or videos that drives the great engagement rather than posting the text alone or with a single image. So, maximize the focus on visual content in your social media marketing plan to boost the engagement. Here are some social media post ideas for the construction industries-

  • Take the advantage of 10 photo’s upload instagram marketing and posts the images of your recent project completed. You can tag the designers, contractors or any other person associated with the project for adding cherry on the top.

  • Whatever your project, after and before post ideas will always be the hit or work the best for sure. You can make transition reels or create a post to reach out to your targeted audience with immediate effect.

  • To highlight your company culture or working process at your construction site, behind the scenes visual posts is also a great idea to get maximum reach in social media marketing campaign.

3.  Embrace Influencers  

Depending on the strategy and your budget, incorporating influences in your social media marketing plan helps not only in brand awareness but also in engaging with other construction industry professionals and customers. But, how can they be beneficial?

  • Building the professional relationship with your organization that might lead to any events, webinars, seminars, online discussions, forums, conferences or guest blogging opportunity where your business could have a presence.

  • They can teach you branding story ideas or industry tends so that you can draft pretty them accordingly.

4.  Promotion of Blog Posts  

If you are writing your own blogs or doing podcasts, (we are sure you are doing one, if not then start it today! ) then showcasing on social media channels will get more clearance about your brand creativity and strategies. This is the prominent step of your content marketing as well as social media marketing plan.

5.  Get the Reach Through Paid Marketing Strategies  

This technique has an impressive targeting ability that takes your post reach as high as possible. You can analyse the metrics like demographics, type of audience etc and carefully invest time and money on paid efforts. Wisely choose the paid social media marketing campaign platform and if not sure then find the best social media marketing agency to assist you.

6.  Share Trending Topics, News and Client Testimonials  

It’s not bragging to talk about your company, construction industry trends, about your projects, customers’ testimonials and reviews. Instead, this will personifies your business. Even sharing the relevant articles from the profound publications will strengthen the notion of your business and boost the ranking on search engine.


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