A number one ranking on Google always gets massive attention. It often earns a lot more clicks than other positions. Subsequently, every business, whether big or small, is trying hard to list its site on top. 

There are many companies including digital marketing companies in Udaipur that can help you reach the top. However, keep in mind that – ‘no company can guarantee no.1 rankings on Google.’ If one claims, it is a sweet lie; don’t get deceived. 

Nonetheless, here is the strategy that can improve your Google rankings tremendously. It may take time, but with an effective trial and error method, you can rank number one on Google. It isn’t impossible. 

Create High-Quality Content

  1. Choose a field that provides you with enough concession to post regular content.
  2. Create content that is USEFUL and compelling. A professional content writer in Udaipur can help you well with this. 
  3. Target the right keywords. Always focus on the keywords that people are looking for – the real queries. 
  4. Use helping tools to find appropriate keywords having more number of searches but limited competition. Google’s Keyword Planner or KeywordTool.io. are quite helpful. 
  5. Use the keywords strategically throughout the content; especially in the URL, main heading, subheadings and title tag.
  6. To sum up, you should be familiar with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process or you can simply hire SEO experts for performing the job. They’ll make your content as relevant as it can be.

Develop Prominent Natural Links

Inbound links play a crucial role in improving the website’s reputation and achieving high rankings. Actually, this process aims to earn links on other websites; adding your site to business directories and review sites.

Other ways include guest posting on popular sites and replacing broken links to yours on industry sites. 

Getting on ahead, business consultants in Udaipur suggest trying encouraging other decent quality sites to link to your page. 

Important Tip – When you create contents like How-to posts (that are evergreen!), other bloggers and journalists expect to link to your site.

Another point is that links that are self-made are actually risky. They are risky to an extent that Google may penalise you for that. Nonetheless, website development companies in Udaipur can help you avoid such trouble.

Frame Responsive Website

As the websites work as an engine to promote eCommerce business they should be fast, responsive and well-framed overall. To maintain the website’s reputation, you need to update it regularly. Hence, make sure that your site is easy-to-edit. 

The best digital marketing companies in Udaipur provide its customers with a user-friendly system to navigate the website. Also, they offer original useful content to maintain a website reputation for a long time. 

Information Corner

How long does a new website take to get stable – A website that is about one year old is still considered to be fresh. Google’s algorithm takes time to align your website in the search results.

About Google Rankings – A website always keeps fluctuating when it comes to ranking. Different devices observe different Google rankings.

Checking your rankings – Tools like Google Search Console, Proranktracker, SEMRush and AWR can check your rankings. They provide fairly accurate results.


Above all the strategies, a high-quality, unique and useful content always gets Google’s appreciation. The author should have some visible expertise in the subject. The content should be trustworthy and beneficial to the audience and not just showy soap. Otherwise, even when it is on the top, people will prefer to click on other sites anyhow.