RegisteredCreating and protecting a strong brand is important in ensuring that you have a successful business. One of the ways you can achieve this is by trademarking. It is pivotal that your customers can distinguish your brand from your competition. Securing your business means improving brand loyalty. You are giving a strong reason for your core audience to trust you. Also, it signifies that your customers are protected from manipulation against brands that are similar to yours. Thus, they are assured of the same quality level every time they interact with your business. Trademarking is a form of advertising without having to mention the business name. The general rule is to ensure that the logo design, word, symbol, tagline, or phrase associated with your trademark is unique. Also, use one which is distinct from other brands to protect your business and avoid litigation. Trademarking will give your brand an edge on social media resulting in higher traffic and growth. WEBaniX serves as a branding services provider and designs a trademark that is market-friendly – and represents your brand.